Corey’s Bucket List (in no particular order… yet):

  1. Do a backflip (on the ground, no trampoline, no pool)
  2. Play poker in Vegas (stretch: play in WSOP)
  3. Create a video with at least 20,000,000 views on a single platform
  4. Go on a Disney Cruise
  5. Spend at least 3 consecutive months in another country
  6. Go on a multi-month road trip in the US
  7. Visit every state in the US and do something interesting there
  8. Speak another language (besides English) fluently
  9. Be an extra in a movie (that makes it into theaters)
  10. Visit Disneyland (CA)
  11. Fill my mason jar with shark’s teeth
  12. Swim with whales
  13. Help design and build a dream home
  14. Use machine learning to create a helpful or useful tool
  15. Run a half marathon
  16. Go deep sea fishing (and catch something)
  17. Take the kids to Mall of America
  18. Catch an “exotic” snake in the wild
  19. Go to a live filming of a TV show (reality, gameshow, or anything with a live audience)
  20. Go to the Olympics (as a spectator)
  21. Safari in Africa (stretch/bonus: Giraffe Manor)
  22. See the Amazon river/rainforest
  23. Have a Wikipedia page (or at least Google Knowledge Graph panel)
  24. Visit NYC near Christmas (stretch: see the Macy’s parade)
  25. See the Northern Lights
  26. Build a robot that can complete a useful task
  27. Hike into the Grand Canyon
  28. Hike through Antelope Canyon
  29. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
  30. See the Redwood Forest (Sequoia National Park)
  31. Help each kid check at least one item off of THEIR bucket list
  32. Doors off helicopter tour of NYC
  33. Break or set a world record
  34. See ocean waves over 3m high


I should look at other bucket lists and try to make a list of things I’ve already done that would be on someone’s bucket list. Once you cross something off of the bucket list I think sometimes it just becomes the new normal.