Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens

Ah, the fisheye. I love this lens. In fact, it is going to be hard for me to let this one go.

In my early days as a photographer, I was a second shooter. One of my jobs at most weddings was to use this lens to try to get some creative photos at the reception, especially the exit.

It is one of those weird lenses that you almost NEVER use, but once you’ve used it a bit, you’ll always find an excuse to pull it out.

Fisheye shot from an engagement session in Williams Brice Stadium

This version of the lens isn’t made anymore, and has become somewhat of a collectors item.

On B&H, the cheapest you can find a used one is currently $550.

You can find them used on Amazon, but anything under $400 is in really rough shape.

I’d love for this to end up with a new owner who will put her to creative use. I won’t let this one go for nothing though. If you’re interested in this trade, I’ll need something that is worth at least $400-500, so don’t make any lowball offers for this item!

Approximate trade value: $400

To propose a trade, leave a comment below (I’ll get an email, even if it isn’t “approved” publicly). I’m looking for any item that you can convince me is more valuable or more interesting than my item.

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