Kodak Duaflex III

The Duaflex was a camera made by Kodak in the 1940s-50s.

This is a Duaflex III, and I think it is a great decoration for anyone who loves vintage cameras.

This particular camera is one I found at a thrift store years ago, and used as decoration in our bridal show booth.

There she sits, in the top right of that green hutch. Photo from Feb 2011.

Since then, it has been a decoration in our house, but was recently retired by Ashley to the “honey, do something with this junk” shelf. Now, it can be yours!

One of my favorite things about these cameras is the waist level viewfinders. Since they are not digital, you can still look through them and it is actually really fun.

The camera doesn’t work, and isn’t worth a whole lot, but hopefully it will find a new home with a camera lover who will dust it off and preserve this little piece of history for years to come!

Approximate trade value: $10.00

To propose a trade, leave a comment below (I’ll get an email, even if it isn’t “approved” publicly). I’m looking for any item that you can convince me is more valuable or more interesting than my item.

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