One Red Rubber Band

This item is my version of “One Red Paperclip.

BUT, I would argue that a rubber band is much cooler than a paperclip.

Don’t believe me? Here are some reasons:

7 things you can do with a rubber band

  1. Shoot them at tin cans (or your siblings)
  2. Make a rubber band ball
  3. Magic tricks
  4. Improve your hangers
  5. Keep your cords organized
  6. Open jars
  7. Remove stripped screws

But don’t stop there, I’m sure there are hundreds of things you can do with rubber bands. And of course, every time you need one, they are nowhere to be found.

Just a standard red rubber band…

Now you can have your very own red rubber band. All you need to do is trade me any item you believe is cooler than my rubber band.

Approximate trade value: $0.02

(but that’s just my two cents)…

To propose a trade, leave a comment below (I’ll get an email, even if it isn’t “approved” publicly). I’m looking for any item that you can convince me is more valuable or more interesting than my item.

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