One Roll of Steel Pennies (50)

This item has an… interesting story.

When I was a teenager, I delivered newspapers. I delivered to commercial boxes, convenient stores, grocery stores, etc.

One night at a convenience store, a familiar homeless man asked if I could give him “green dollars” for his change. I had some cash on hand and didn’t mind.

He then handed me some loose change and 6 rolls of steel pennies. I didn’t really know what they were at the time, and I think he just asked me for $4. I gave it to him and set the coins aside.

Later I realized they were all steel pennies! As a coin collector, I was pretty excited.

Were the pennies stolen or given to this man? The world may never know. There was a bank across the street, and several senior homes in walking distance, so I like to think a nice old lady gave them to him as spare change.

Now, you have the chance to own a roll of these steel pennies.

A roll of cleaned Steel Pennies often sells for $12.50 on eBay, but you can turn this into a fun science experiment and clean them yourself (Do yourself a favor and watch this video – it looks so satisfying!!).

Oh, and although it doesn’t show in the photo… for some reason, a random wheat cent (not steel) ended up in the roll and I decided to leave it (mostly because of area 51, and so I could add a penny to the trade value).

Approximate trade value: $10.01

To propose a trade, leave a comment below (I’ll get an email, even if it isn’t “approved” publicly). I’m looking for any item that you can convince me is more valuable or more interesting than my item.

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