Loose Computer Parts (Mobo, RAM, CPU, PSU)

This computer was my faithful servant for over 8 years! In fact, I just found the original email receipt from June of 2011. For the time, it was actually a pretty decent setup. The computer ran well for the entire time I used it. I only recently upgraded these parts because I needed more power for 4k video editing.

If you have a case, hard drive, and graphics card, this could be a great system for running a home entertainment center, or even for daily use (I could still use most editing software, play most popular games, etc).

Included in this trade are:

  • Motherboard (ASRock P67 Extreme4)
  • Processor (Intel I5 2500)
  • Power Supply (550 Watt Antec)
  • RAM (16GB Gskill – DDR3)
  • DVD RW (Not sure if it works, I didn’t have it hooked up)

I can’t believe I still have this invoice from Newegg in 2011! What a n00b, who pays full price for Windows!

Approximate trade value: $40

To propose a trade, leave a comment below (I’ll get an email, even if it isn’t “approved” publicly). I’m looking for any item that you can convince me is more valuable or more interesting than my item.


  1. Tony Standridge says:

    I have got an older push mower works great but needs new pull cord value of about 75 the way it is and a pull cord i think is 5 dollars at lowes and a few screws and 15 mins would be running again looking to build a computer from ground up and sounds like these parts are a great start

    1. That sounds great! Email me with a time/place and we will make a trade!

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